Impacting, Appreciated & Affordable

Dear Business Person,

We invite you to use American Made Cutlery to say "thank you", "I appreciate you" or "great job" to the people who are important to you - your customers and employees! From your promotional partners at...

Show your customers and employees that you appreciate them...

You know, of course, that your customers and employees are the key to your continued success.

Show them that they are appreciated with a gift of American Made Cutlery.

American Made Cutlery will WOW them!

Immediately they will know that they have been given the best. The cutlery is impressive. The packaging shows class. The point will be made – I am important!

Your recipient will find that your gift performs like no other cutlery they have ever used! They didn’t know that knives could be so sharp or utensils so functional.

They will love using your gift and instantly it will become their favorite – used week after week for years to come!

Each use will reinforce your generosity and remind them that they are appreciated by you. It is exactly what you wanted them to know and now you have found the perfect way to tell them.

Download a PDF of our Holiday Specials PDF Document (1.5MB), the 2014 Full Line AMC catalog PDF Document (6.7MB) or the Gift Buyer's Guide PDF Document (1.1MB).

We have YOUR recipe for SUCCESS

  • Remarkable Products - Your recipients will rave about how much they enjoy using your gift! It will be appreciated with every use and will create goodwill for you.
  • Incredible Value - Your gift will be used every week, year after year. Imagine how many times your logo will be seen and the positive association you will receive!
  • Amazing Results - American Made Cutlery will help you say “thank you” to your customers and/or employees, reinforce your name/logo and develop loyalty!